M5000 High Voltage Linear Amplifier

Our highest voltage swing amplifier.

High voltage amplifier for driving electro-optic modulators

This 5000V series linear amplifier has been designed to drive large aperture electro optic modulators. It consists of two 0.4 - 3.0 kV linear amplifiers that together produce a differential output that can be connected to either side of the modulator. This produces an optical phase change equivalent to the output from a single sided 5000V unit.

The amplifier has a bandwidth of 14KHz and a rise and fall time of approximately 4µs.

It incorporates a 1 - 10KHz internal oscillator giving sinusoidal, triangular and square waveforms. For square wave modulation applications the positive and negative excursions of the square wave output can be precisely controlled. This differential drive technique increases the lifetime of the modulator by maintaining a zero mean voltage across its terminals.


Output Voltage Range 400 - 3000V (each side)
Full amplitude Frequency Response 14 KHz
Small Signal Frequency Response
(10% Full Amplitude)
Rise and Fall Time ~4µsec
Signal-Noise Ratio 50dB
Input Voltage -2.5V to + 2.5V
Input Impedance 1000 ohm
Cabinet Size (mm) 220 (height), 530 (width), 340 (length)
Mains Voltage 110/200/240ac 50-60Hz


One application for which the M5000 has proven to be supremely well suited is in Raman spectroscopy where ultra-precise and stable left and right handed circular polarization must be generated. A system pioneered by Hecht and Barron uses our temperature controlled longitudinal field KD*P modulator which is driven with alternating polarities of quarter wave voltage which are generated very accurately by the clipping function of the amplifier which is tied to a precision bandgap for stability.