Glan-Thompson Polarizers

Cemented calcite crystal polarizers with large field of view

Calcite Glan-Thompson cemented prism polarizers give the largest aperture field angle product of all calcite polarizer designs and the lowest transmission losses. The cemented interface of the Glan-Thompson however, prevents their use with high power lasers. Applications of the Glan-Thompson include spectral polarimetry and general light polarization and analysis investigations.

In the standard form the length aperture ratio of L/A = 2.5 gives a useable angular polarised field symmetrical about the prism axis of greater than 14° while the long form L/A = achieves over 25°. For UV applications, it is advisable to use the shorter aspect ratio devices because the additional losses caused by the greater thickness of calcite are too high otherwise to be useful much below 400nm

Diagram of Glan-Thompson polariser Mounted Glan-Thompson polariser
Glan Thompson Polariser End View Mounted


Spectral Range 250 - 2300nm
Extinction Ratio > 105
Beam Deviation < 2.0 min
Transmission AR Coated 97%
Surface Flatness λ/8
Max Power cw 1.0W/cm2

Type Clear Aperture
Dia (mm)
Length (nm)
GTM 10 10 2.5 25 28
GTM 12 12 2.5 25 33
GTM 15 15 2.5 30 40
GTM 20 20 2.5 40 55
GTML 10 10 3.0 25 35
GTML 12 12 3.0 25 40
GTML 15 15 3.0 30 50
GTML 20 20 3.0 40 65


We can offer Glan-Thompsons in any of the standard sizes listed above, but we can also make completely custom devices at any (reasonable) aperture. Of course we can also offer standard or custom mounting solutions as well as anti-reflection coatings.